A casual idle game inspired

by the wondrous Wild West

and the rush for colossal profits!

Tipping cows and hunting outlaws was enough to make a living back in the day, but now you can enjoy fabulous wealth by becoming a true business-pioneer! Create your all-old-western inspired businesses, make lots of cash and expand your legend across the entire land!

Wild West Saga is a brand new addicting free-to-play idle game that has just been fully released! Become a rich tycoon, by exploring up to 180 frontier cities and by growing up to 20 businesses.

Find pioneers willing to explore with you the Wild West, while you can make big money from your businesses! Embark on a legendary Wild West adventure and build your own capitalist tycoon empire!


  • Name: Wild West Saga
  • Genre: Idle, Strategy
  • Release: 2018
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Steam, Facebook, Kongregate, Amazon
  • Price: Free to Play
  • Developer: Tamasenco


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